Watch Tagalog T.V. Online

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Unable to watch your favorite Filipino TV shows because you came home late coming from work or encountered traffic on the way back? Perhaps you have missed your preferred soap opera because of a power outage. Or maybe you cannot watch your favourite TV show simply because you are at your workplace or went out? If that's the way it is, then you do not have to get worried! No matter what program you have had missed you could still watch them again. Just look for over the world wide web.

This site has all the Philippine tv programs aired on TV. You can see all the shows you really like. There is news and current affairs, teleseryes, drama shows, reality TV, sports, humor and more. The programs they feature are from popular T.V. stations. Last and not the least, the site also offers live T.V. broadcast which can be streamed any time anywhere.

The great thing of this website is the huge film collection they feature. Delight in numerous genre of Pinoy movies from different years. Watch well-liked movies, smash hit movies and best rated ones. offers one exceptional feature, their totally free text. While you're watching your preferred T.V. shows or movies and if you have no Text load on the phone, you can just use their totally free txt feature to text anybody you want.

This could not get any better! On the subject of Filipino tv on the internet, the best place to be will be this one.

My Family

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my familyHave you ever felt so fortunate for such a adoring family? I'm sure I am. I consistently give thanks to them for supplying me with plenty of determination to succeed in life. I also say thanks to them for the love and proper care they show. This blog post is for you.

This Really Is Me

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I'm not sure with regards to you but my buddies are ecstatic to know me, I am basically a simple person. I really believe that this is your very first time in my website which means you will certainly see this site as important. You won't be browsing my blog website a long time before you realize the amount of delight... [Read More]

How to Contact Us

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